Welcome to WAIN, the first investor network for women in the MENA region.  Our goal is to build an informed ecosystem of women investors who support women entrepreneurs in the Arab world.

  • educate and build self-confidence of women as angel investors in MENA
  • support women-led start-up companies and women entrepreneurs in MENA through investing & mentoring
  • improve governance by taking a Board seat with an investee
  • create an active network of business women in MENA
  • democratise access to capital by providing investment opportunities to individuals and facilitating capital-raising for entrepreneurs

Incorporated in 2014 WAIN is run by three directors – Heather HenyonLucy Chow and Rebecca Hill.  We currently have an average unrealised portfolio return of 2.9x with a Gross IRR of 130% – nine investments in eight companies to date.


Our timeline:

2014 eight angels made WAIN’s first investment in Little Thinking Minds, a Jordan based creator and producer of Arabic content for schools.

2016 we closed on three deals including a second investment in Little Thinking Minds.

2017 we held our third investment round, investing in three companies, bringing our total investment to almost $500,000 and 29 WAIN angel investors.

2018 we have closed our fourth round with an investment pot of $335,000 – two investments have closed and one is in the process of closing.

For more information please watch this video and you can also contact us at info@wain.vc

*If you’d like more information on angel investing look no further than Angels without Borders: Trends and Policies Shaping Angel Investment Worldwide.    WAIN Founder and CEO, Heather Henyon wrote the chapter on the UAE!