Investment Process

Our process

  • Application Interested companies complete an application form and provide their business plan via an online platform.
  • Pre-Screening We eliminate applications that are incomplete or that do not meet WAIN’s criteria.
  • Screening Once accepted the company is submitted to the participating WAIN angels who vote on each application and the list is whittled down to seven or eight companies.
  • Pitch Day Each entrepreneur has the opportunity to pitch in front of WAIN members either in person or by video call.  Each pitch lasts no more than 15 minutes. A question-and-answer session follows the presentation.  A shortlist of companies is then through to the next round.
  • Due Diligence A due diligence team conducts a thorough check on each business with the aim of validating the business plan.  we look at the management team, market opportunity, the product and pricing, placing a value on the investment.  An investment recommendation is put to the group.
  • Final vote WAIN angels make a final call – a two thirds majority is required for each investment – and a term sheet is negotiated with the successful companies.