“It has been very rewarding to invest in women-led companies that have stirred our minds and also our hearts. Several WAIN companies have been recognised for their significant social impact in the region and beyond and we are very excited to be alongside these amazing entrepreneurs. WAIN gave me to access investment opportunities in the regional technology startup ecosystem and that has been tremendous both in business terms but also personally.” Joumana Jallad, Co-Founder, Stone Fine Jewelry

WAIN angels don’t always come with investor experience, this is learnt as part of our investment process. What you need is a hands-on attitude and a willingness to commit time either to undertake due diligence; mentor and train our entrepreneurs; or sit on an investee board.

Understanding your risk appetite is critical as small businesses are high risk.  Are you willing to invest $10,000 and not see a return?  We do not guarantee that our investee companies will succeed: the pool of women entrepreneurs is relatively small and only one out of 10 start-ups is successful.

As angel investors we are often the first financing round for a company.  This may be the first time a founder has considered governance and board representation, company registration, legal documents, business plans and KPIs.  It is a learning curve for both investor and founder.

“I have invested in six companies with WAIN and look forward to joining the 4th investment cycle (my third cycle as a WAIN member). WAIN gives me a portfolio which is important when investing in early stage companies and an opportunity to engage with the entrepreneurs and their companies. I also enjoy being part of a women’s network focused on business and investing with like-minded professionals.”  Barbara Baumgartner, Managing Director, Rent-A-Jet & Advisory Board Member, DayOne Response.